On Markus Meurer

Markus Meurer is a well-known German Outsider artist.
He takes things that most people just throw away, such as empty cans, broken lightbulbs, gnawed-off bones and rusty metal pieces, and gives them new life by making them imaginative figures using wire. Many works are animal/machine hybrids; insects on wheels, vehicles with antennae, motorized flying fish.
He wants to call attention to the beauty within these materials and arouse positive energies in the observer.
Meurer’s artworks can be found in many important Outsider collections and he is part of the Dr. Guislain Museum’s permanent exhibition in Ghent, where he has his own cabinet.  (Facts of the catalogue 2 x 2)

Markus Meurer, Indianerkopf-Schmetterling, Assemblage, 2017, 21 x 11 x 16,5 cm. Foto P. Nieting



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